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    A Gene That Makes You Need Less Sleep?


    Some people cope with sleep deprivation better than others. Could this be genetic? Maria Konnikova looks at the research, and explores how it may, one day, be used to aid chronic sleep sufferers.

    Photograph by Shizuo Kambayashi/AP

    As someone who doesn’t ever sleep enough, this is pretty interesting


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    From cot to couch, and still I lay
    Feeling defeated, drained. Not by the space, but by the day.
    Having done so much, yet still so little,
    Is always the way it feels without your
    One kiss both is and isn’t enough, but like always, we must wait, because on Broadway
    They say
    “Rushing a romance is a guaranteed killer.”
    So before I let our love bleed dead because of my greed,
    I’ll feign sleep, knowing that when all are gone, it is only me you

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    Laying here,so close to you, yet unable to do
    To close the distance, I close my eyes and try to force myself
    Where maybe, I hope, we can at least dream

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    4:47 am.

    Lying in bed next to you. 5 hours of a party pulsing, aching through all my muscles. Questionable amounts of alcohol ransacking my body. Bloodstream. Stomach. Brain. Else I would never have kept my hand pressed against yours. Pinkies entwined. Single point of contact that makes me your…


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    The Hudson Project

    Credit: Thunder Arrowwood

    Just a few things I saw around the festival.

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    Credit: Thunder Arrowwood

    So I’m going to be posting my photography stuff on The Clush Life, and occasionally reblogging it here because you know, it’s my work, but it’s hard managing two blogs at once. So yeah, anything credited to Thunder Arrowwood should find its way back here.

    Enjoy (I hope), and don’t remove the credit please and thank you!

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    "Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies"
    "Hawkeye Vol. 2: Little Hits"
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Lots and lots of hours in this one.

This is amazing


    Lots and lots of hours in this one.

    This is amazing

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